How to pick the coolest backpack for the first day

Whether you plan on going to school, backpacking, traveling, or hiking you’ll most likely be in need of a backpack. At most places you’ll see a variety of cool looking backpacks or convenient ones. By convenient I mean easy to carry around, a lot of space and compartments, and nifty cup holders and what not.

You may be indecisive whether you want the stylish or user-friendly backpack however, you can have both! Some of the top coolest backpacks are budget-friendly and come with many features you may need. For example, the Herschel backpack comes with a simple design, is well-known, and can be used as a carry-on for your travels and flights. There are many of other backpacks such as the Wheelman and Co Babylon backpack. This is one of the best for traveling, backpacking, and even hiking. It’s a water resistant backpack, and very cost effective, there aren’t many of those. This makes finding the coolest backpacks a big problem.

Before buying a backpack for your needs, it’s good to first consider what the main purpose for the backpack is. Take in consideration where/how often you’ll be using your backpack. You surely don’t want heavy luggage to hold on to as you go hiking a mountain. One more thing to take into consideration is not the weight/size but the uses of the backpack. Be sure to ensure they have the compartments you need for your uses. Also be sure to confirm you can pack what you need in there. If you plan on taking anything big or not being able to fold, such as a laptop, it’d be good to get a somewhat big backpack.

In conclusion, when you’re trying to get one of the coolest backpacks, you can also get one that’s user-friendly and capable of being used for many activities. People think these come with high cost but if you shop smartly you can get one that’s also very cost-effective.